"The most entertaining cooking class for students. Everyone who is starting out in the kitchen should see it!"

The Cook-a-Palooza College & University Cooking Event provides students with cooking 101 skills and focuses on ways they can eat right using LESS effort in the kitchen.

The recipes are designed for students and the themes relate to what they experience during their time at college or university.

  • An energizing music filled cooking class that teaches students an important life skill
  • Students don’t watch the event. They are part of it! Volunteers from the audience help prepare each of the dishes
  • Brent shares the MOST important cooking skills in a 60 minute event to accommodate students busy school and social schedules
  • FREE FOOD! We make more than enough food for everyone to try!
  • It’s fun! Students LOVE seeing their friends making a mess cooking!

What's Included in the Price?

  • A 60 to 90 minute interactive cooking class
  • Ingredients, cooking gear and items required to serve food for up to 40 students.
  • Full insurance coverage

What's the Price?

  • It's the most budget-friendly cooking event for students you'll find out there!
  • Contact us for pricing

What Actual Student's Are Saying on Feedback Forms?

"Liked how we got to help cook. It was fantastic!"

- Mohawk College Student. More Student Feedback >


There has never been a cooking class like this before! Book your cooking event today!

Order Copies of the Cookbook

Take advantage of my special quantity discounts.

1 book - $19.95

2 to 4 books - $18.95

5 to 9 books - $17.95

10 to 19 books - $15.95

20 to 50 books - $13.95

Over 50 books - $10.95

[For quantity discounts email cookapalooza@gmail.com to place your order]

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